A time traveller’s journey through London

Designed specifically for European visitors, this walk begins at the Tower of London then takes you to some of the City’s most iconic sites, among them the oldest churches, a secret garden nestled in ancient ruins, Leadenhall Market (a Harry Potter film location) and the provocative Lloyd’s building. Available in English, German or Italian.

What was the first radically modern building in the City?    

Criminals, traitors and heads on spikes

For traitors and criminals, life was nasty, brutish and short. Documentaries producer and author Dan P. will show you chilling execution sites, the secret spot where heretics were burned, the haunting shadow of Newgate and the last remaining place where severed heads were stuck on spikes.

Prisoners only went through Traitor’s Gate in one direction. Where did they find themselves on the other side?

A walk on the tiled side

Wandering through hidden gardens and open spaces, this walk discovers an array of evocative stories preserved on ceramic tiles, passes an ancient hospital still in use, takes in the cemetery raided by body-snatchers then slips into the back alleys of Blackfriars – once home to Shakespeare.

Jumping to his death from the roof of a hospital, which famous TV hero fell from this building?

What the Romans did for us!

The City of London is where it all began. This walk starts at the beginning of London’s history, covering the arrival of the Romans 2,000 years ago. From Wren’s Monument commemorating the Fire to the monumental Guildhall, we visit London through the ages.

A black circle in one of the City’s most famous open spaces marks an exciting discovery made in 1985. What was it?
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