Financial institutions in the City

The City is a leading financial centre and has the architecture to prove it. We start next to Cannon Street, where the Romans established London’s first centre of business, we take in Bank Junction and we explore the Liverpool Street area where the most exciting developments are taking place.

Which good spirit from The Tempest looks over the wealth of the City - and why?

What was Education for – City of London (west)

Focusing on schools and education, this walk introduces you to some beautiful lesser known buildings in the City of London. Did the benefactors of the schools, universities and libraries that we will visit seek to educate young minds – or were they motivated by greed, guilt, power or religion?

Which school founded in the City of London has a 'Harry Potter' uniform of yellow socks, a frock coat and breeches and why?

Licence to print …or The City and the written word

From Paternoster Square where stationery has its beginnings, to the newspaper offices of Fleet Street, the City of London is the home of the printed word. From the greatest playwright of all time to the most famous diarist, this walk focuses on the written word and the origins of the print industry – with Veronika K. (This walk is available in English or German)

Where will you find a statue of the man who revolutionised how we communicate with each other?
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