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What was Education for – City of London (west)

Starting at Gresham College, the home of free lectures and a former Livery company School, and finishing at the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral, this walk introduces you to some beautiful lesser known buildings in the City of London and wanders through the back streets and courtyards of Fleet Street and below St Paul’s. Did the benefactors of the schools, universities and libraries that we will visit donate in order to educate young minds – including those of the less well off – or were they motivated by personal reasons: greed, guilt, power or religion? Find out on this compelling walk.


Guided by Sylvia M.
Which school founded in the City of London has a 'Harry Potter' uniform of yellow socks, a frock coat and breeches and why?
Christ's Hospital School. One of the word's oldest school uniforms, it dates from the Tudor period and, in accordance with the style of the times, is very colourful. It was thought that blue and yellow colour dyes were not expensive, and could have been chosen to distinguish the children in the care of Christ’s Hospital from those attending other schools.
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