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Financial institutions in the City

The City is a leading financial centre and has the architecture to prove it: across centuries architects have brought their best to the demanding expectations of a city that’s always striving to innovate and extend its leading position. What can the City’s buildings reveal about how the City came to have such a prominent position and what it takes to maintain a global powerhouse where half a million people work every day. This walk starts next to Cannon Street, where the Romans established a centre of business that shaped the City’s future. We see Bank Junction where modern finance was born and we explore the Liverpool Street area where the most exciting developments are taking place. This walk is part of a series of walks taking place on the last Sunday of the month, enjoying the relative quietness of the area, where you will feel you own the place yourself!

Guided by Laure T.
Which good spirit from The Tempest looks over the wealth of the City - and why?
Ariel, the spirit of the wind of The Tempest, represents the role of the Bank of England, and by extension of the City, in filling the sails of commerce and trade and heading towards prosperity.
Cannon Street Station London
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