St Pauls from bar

What’s up in the City

They say always look up, yet most walks have an altitude problem. Not this one! Clocks and sundials, statues, weather-vanes and a hundred unique stories lurk high above pavement-level, out of sight and out of mind. Let your eyes do the walking on a safe, street-level tour offering a glimpse of the City as you’ve never seen it before.

Guided by Chris W.
Above one of the City’s most famous streets, a three-metre dragon hungrily watches something. What is it lining up for lunch?
The golden dragon, above St Mary-le-Bow on Cheapside, hungrily looks at a huge golden grasshopper on top of the Royal Exchange, a short distance to the east. The grasshopper is the symbol of Tudor financier Sir Thomas Gresham who funded the first Royal Exchange.  
Tower Hill Station London Underground Ltd. Trinity Square London EC3N 4DJ
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