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Murder, Mayhem and Destruction in the City

Take a walk on the darker side of the City’s history, involving unsolved murders, intrigue, a close shave perhaps, riots and attempts to influence government by violent means. This walk is not for the faint-hearted and as it peels back the modern façade of the City of London the trick is to keep your head whilst those around you are losing theirs! Despite everything that has been thrown at the City ancient and modern, it has risen above it all and continues to reinvigorate and regenerate even today.

Guided by Chris W.
Need a haircut, or perhaps you are feeling hungry as you wander along Fleet Street. Where would you go to satisfy your needs?
Perhaps to be recommended, Sweeney Todd’s barber shop in Fleet Street, next to St Dunstan’s in the West and Mrs Lovett’s Pie Shop in nearby Bell Yard. The story has it that Sweeney’s victims would sit back in the chair, their throat would be cut and their body sent into the basement where valuables would be removed and then, ably assisted by Mrs Lovett, the body disposed of as the contents of a pie!
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