The Write Stuff

The journalists of Fleet Street were not the only wordsmiths in the City. For centuries, the ancient streets of London inspired plays, prose and poetry. From Bank to Blackfriars and beyond, seek out the haunts of the city’s writers – from Shakespeare to Grahame, Eliot to Dickens, with Chris WM.

Why did a famous children’s author feel compelled to resign his position at the Bank of England?

Born in Stratford – Made in London

Rising from Stratford obscurity to London superstar, William Shakespeare cut a swath through society, attracting admirers, copycats and critics. We visit the places he lived and worked, taking in some of the most beautiful sites in the City of London, including a magnificent 16th Century hall in which his company performed.

Shakespeare's company performed beneath this ceiling 400 years ago. Where is it?
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