Markets, martyrs and monuments – a walk through Smithfield

During this 90-minute walk through Smithfield, one of the most historic areas in the City, we discover markets that have existed since the middle ages, one of the oldest churches in the City and the oldest house. See the famous St Bartholomew Hospital and view the ‘palace of justice’ known as the Old Bailey where many famous trials have taken place.

Where did Sherlock Holmes fall to his death in the recent BBC series?

London’s Riotous Royals

Former kings were a bit like human Velociraptors. They ate, killed, or had sex with, everything that moved. London is a stage and all the kings and queens merely players upon it. We’ll be visiting the places, hearing the stories, and thanking Christmas that Britain’s current Royals are so, well, normal. Every tour includes a visit to a probably haunted pub for further intrigue.

Which King of Great Britain on the day of his death had never been further from home than Cheltenham?

What the Romans did for us!

The City of London is where it all began. This walk starts at the beginning of London’s history, covering the arrival of the Romans 2,000 years ago. From Wren’s Monument commemorating the Fire to the monumental Guildhall, we visit London through the ages.

A black circle in one of the City’s most famous open spaces marks an exciting discovery made in 1985. What was it?
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