St Pauls from bar

Walk the Thames through the City of London

We start by looking at the scene of some of the bloodiest executions in English history on Tower Hill.    We touch on London’s great maritime heritage as we pass the Customs House, Billingsgate and Queenhithe, London’s Saxon era  harbour.  Our walk along the Thames as it flows past the City of London affords views of some of the greatest buildings in our city.  We hear the story of the great bridges that span the river and we end our walk for refreshments at one of London’s most extraordinary pubs dedicated to the Blackfriars or Dominican brothers who gave their name to a whole area of the City, with Richard C.  For more information about Richard check

What problem was caused by synchronous lateral excitation in the year 2000?  What was the solution?
The Millennium Bridge was wobbling from side to side - until dampers were fitted to reduce the movement.
London Underground Ltd, Trinity Square London EC3N 1LA
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