Read all about it! A walk down Fleet Street

Discover the characters and stories that once made Fleet Street the centre of the press industry. We’ll encounter influential writers and visit historic churches and classic English watering holes (pubs!) – and along the way we’ll see the buildings that were once central to the newspaper industry.

Which journalists' church inspired the shape of wedding cakes across the world?  

What was education for? City of London (East)

Focusing on education in the eastern half of the City, this walk starts at the ruins of Christchurch Newgate Street and takes in many stunning locations from the Barbican to the Victorian Bishopsgate Institute, with its wooden panelled library open to the public. With Sylvia M.

The pupils of John Cass School commemorate their founder every year by wearing a red feather - why is this?

Das berühmteste Quadrat der Welt

Das historische Zentrum von London ist auch bekannt als “Square Mile” oder einfach nur City of London. Auf diesem Rundgang entdecken Sie nicht nur einige der wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten der City, sondern auch versteckte Orte und Geheimtipps.

Welche Kirche stand einst in der City of London und befindet sich heute in Missouri?

Walk the Walbrook, with Richard C.

Discover the shortest and most mysterious of London’s hidden rivers, from its source in Shoreditch down to the Thames, via the Broadgate Centre, London Wall, the Bank of England and a wonderful array of the architecture of many different eras.

Where can you visit an underground Roman Temple in the City of London?

Markets, martyrs and monuments – a walk through Smithfield

During this 90-minute walk through Smithfield, one of the most historic areas in the City, we discover markets that have existed since the middle ages, one of the oldest churches in the City and the oldest house. See the famous St Bartholomew Hospital and view the ‘palace of justice’ known as the Old Bailey where many famous trials have taken place.

Where did Sherlock Holmes fall to his death in the recent BBC series?

A time traveller’s journey through London

Designed specifically for European visitors, this walk begins at the Tower of London then takes you to some of the City’s most iconic sites, among them the oldest churches, a secret garden nestled in ancient ruins, Leadenhall Market (a Harry Potter film location) and the provocative Lloyd’s building. Available in English, German or Italian.

What was the first radically modern building in the City?    

Walk the Thames through the City of London

We start by looking at the scene of some of the bloodiest executions in English history on Tower Hill. We touch on London’s great maritime heritage as we pass the Customs House, Billingsgate and Queenhithe, London’s Saxon era harbour.

What problem was caused by synchronous lateral excitation in the year 2000?  What was the solution?

Murder, Mayhem and Destruction in the City

Witness the darker side of the City’s history, from unsolved murders to riots and violent attempts to influence government. This walk is not for the faint-hearted. As it peels back the modern façade of the City, the trick is to keep your head whilst those around you are losing theirs!

Need a haircut, or perhaps you are feeling hungry as you wander along Fleet Street. Where would you go to satisfy your needs?

A walk on the tiled side

Wandering through hidden gardens and open spaces, this walk discovers an array of evocative stories preserved on ceramic tiles, passes an ancient hospital still in use, takes in the cemetery raided by body-snatchers then slips into the back alleys of Blackfriars – once home to Shakespeare.

Jumping to his death from the roof of a hospital, which famous TV hero fell from this building?
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